Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free shipping from Lillian Vernon

I don't know about you but when I'm shopping online I scan the clearance section of websites.  I find that I get amazing deals this way.  I have a closet that I keep things that I buy that will become presents later in the year.  In fact I started getting items in April for Christmas this year.  I love shopping this way because it 1. Prevents me from having to drop a huge amount of money in any one month and 2.  Gives me more time and I think allows for a better selection of gifts by having all year to shop.  My favorite thing is when someone mentions something they are interested in or want and I'm able to get that for them and then hang onto it for a birthday or Christmas present.  Lillian Vernon has FREE shipping on orders $50 or more.  I've spotted a few things in their clearance section that I thought were a great deal.

I like this 3 Tiered flower basket holder

Now I think this is pretty niffty.  An over the door blanket organizer!  I love this idea since I'm limited on closet space and would rather do something like this for blankets than use precious closet space.

This Easter mat is too cute and it is over 50% off.  I cant resist that.  Will be looking forward to getting it out around Easter.


  1. Love that 3 Tiered basket! Following your blog from MBC!

  2. Me too! I love garden type stuff! :) Thanks for following!